Find cleaning a breeze this Diwali with MH

Diwali is just around the corner and with a hectic social calendar that is coming up for us all, getting our homes spruced up, is top of everyone’s list. No doubt there will be a continuous string of friends and family who will be dropping by for numerous rituals and parties, it is time to dive in and get Safai started now!

We believe in “ divide and conquer” – so one room at a time. Move all the furniture out, give it a good clean and then move the furniture back, with a hint of redecorating to make the space feel refreshed and new!

And what is great- MH Online has got you sorted with all the cleaning products you need for your Diwali Safai – just a click away. So shop, clean and bring in Diwali in style.


Some easy and quick tips for this Diwali!

De-Clutter your Wardrobe
Empty everything our of your closet, and if you haven’t worn it in a year get rid of it! Why not donate them to charity?
Deep-Clean your Kitchen
After the various yummy Diwali dishes you’d have prepared, your kitchen will need a thorough cleaning!
Revamp your Bedroom
Wash all of your sheets, dust every surface, and clean windows, floors and walls. Don't forget the mattress too!
Get scrubbing your Bathroom
Blend equal parts Water and White vinegar and use it for soap scum — easy! Don't forget the shower-head and toilet.


Important Tip DO use hand gloves before you start cleaning. I know they are annoying to wear, but they are absolutely essential.

We hope these tips for Diwali Cleaning help you clean your home in an organised manner, without missing any spot. Happy Diwali Cleaning!

Cleaning with MH Online:

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